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Renewing the Promise


Step 1: Join the Conversation!

Members of the community are invited to share their thoughts about contemporary issues in Catholic education. Your unique perspective will assist us in better understanding the challenges and opportunities for our Catholic schools and the students who attend them.


Step 2

In a few weeks, you will be invited to join the second step in this process – to review and help prioritize the thoughts that are most important to you. This will help us get a sense of the shared values and priorities of our schools and our communities. Please note that during this step, your thoughts will be shared with others online, but your name will be kept confidential.

Thank you for participating in this process!

Privacy Matters

This process is powered by Thoughtexchange. Please note that once you have joined the online conversation, the Ontario Institute for Catholic Education and Thoughtexchange will keep your email address confidential and will not share it with anyone else. You can opt out of the conversation at any time, by clicking the opt-out link in any email from Thoughtexchange. Others in a conversation will be able to see your thoughts, but your name and email address will never be publicly connected to your thoughts, nor will that information be shared with your school district.