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Posted on Jun 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

The Province-Wide Conversation: A Final Opportunity to Add your Voice!


Step 2.5 – June 14-23, 2017


You are invited to participate as we broaden the scope of the ‘STAR step” of our dialogue, with a focus on the provincial landscape. The STAR step invites all members of the community to participate.


If you participated in a previous step of this process, through Thoughtexchange,
you would have received an email inviting you back into the process. If you did receive this email, please take the opportunity to assign stars to the comments that are most important to you.


It’s not too late to participate!
Thoughtexchange has provided a new link to allow those who have not yet participated in the engagement process as an opportunity to contribute their thoughts. To participate, please register using the following link:


You are welcome to register with an email address and identify your role (parent, teacher, clergy member, etc.), then follow the steps provided.