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Contemporary Issues & Challenges

Understanding Well-Being from a Catholic Perspective

The Ministry of Education’s Well-Being strategy for Education has prompted much focus and attention on the important relationship between a child’s sense of well-being and his or her capacity to learn. Catholic schools must ensure that this important conversation about well-being currently underway in our communities is premised on a full Catholic/Christian understanding of the human person.





Walking Forward Together: A Call to Action for the Catholic Church and Catholic Schools

All educators need to be attentive to their own need to learn more about the shared history of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in this country. A commitment to understanding the historical, social and economic conditions of Indigenous populations establishes a foundation to foster respect and understanding of the cultures, traditions, languages and protocols of Indigenous peoples.




Supporting Students who identify as Transgender in Our Catholic Schools

It is important for Catholic educators to have clarity both about Church teaching regarding persons who identify as LGBTQ and about the duty of care Catholic educators have toward students, their families and other members of the Catholic education community.