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Curriculum & Educational Practice

Christian Meditation

An introduction to the tradition of Christian meditation and contemplative prayer is just one of many ways that Catholic schools embrace the vision of the graduate as one who is expected to be a discerning believer. While distinct from mindfulness, such practices can contribute to a holistic Catholic education that encourages the understanding of human life as an integration of body, mind, and spirit.





Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations (OCSGEs): A Framework for Curriculum Development

When used as a framework for designing curriculum, the OCSGEs support educators to fulfill two objectives: to nurture students as active contributors to the common good and to support ongoing pursuit of improved achievement and well-being.







Implementing the Health & Physical Education Curriculum 

The introduction of the revised Health and Physical Education Curriculum (2019) provides another opportunity to revisit the foundations of the Family Life program and explore the connections between Family Life (FL) and Health and Physical Education (HPE) curricula, reinforce the role of our schools, and renew our commitment to evangelization.






Grace for All: Sacraments and Children with Special Needs in Our Catholic Schools

This monograph is designed to help the educational community support children with special needs in a particular way at the time of preparation for and celebration of Sacraments.






Well-Being from a Catholic Perspective: Addressing Mental Health Literacy within Religion and Family Life Programs

The Ministry of Education continues to focus attention and encourage initiative as schools and school systems are asked to play active roles in addressing well-being and mental health for students and staff alike.




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