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Identity & Mission

The More… The More

A shared sense of purpose and a clear sense of mission and vision are essential for Catholic educators. When asked to identify the fundamental purpose of Catholic education, responses often fall into two broad categories. As a community of believers, searching for common ground, shared purpose, and singular vision, we need to shift away from “Either/Or” thinking, and discipline ourselves to think in terms of “The More/The More.”





A Eucharistic Sensibility

The Thoughts and Insights report, summarizing the Renewing the Promise Symposium on Catholic Education celebrates the gift of publicly funded Catholic education, but acknowledges and names the challenges of our times. In responding to these challenges and opportunities, Catholic schools are called to be animated by a Eucharistic sensibility that welcomes all as we gather; that connects the agency of God to the story of each child and each person; that nourishes both with bread and with the promise of intimacy for which each of us longs.