Monograph: Transferable Skills and the OCSGEs

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The Transferable Skills from the Ministry of Education, Ontario, are defined as “the skills and attributes that students need in order to thrive in the modern world.” They are based in research that includes input from employers. They aim to help students achieve success in the future. 

The Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations were first developed in 1998. Over 20 years later, publicly funded Catholic Education in Ontario continues to take inspiration and direction from these seven expectations. They serve as a lens for Catholic educators who continually seek to discern and interpret the signs of the times and show young people the way to what St. John Paul II referred to as “the high ground”, where they find the meaning and purpose of their lives in their encounter with Christ. 

There are many areas of resonance between the OCSGE and the Transferable Skills, which is highlighted within the monograph.

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