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About Us

  • Our Mission

    The Ontario Institute for Catholic Education brings together, works with, and assists organizations that share responsibility for English Catholic education in their efforts to promote and maintain publicly-funded Catholic schools animated by the Gospel and reflecting the tenets of the Catholic faith.

  • Our Objectives


    • To foster a common vision on issues and policies that promotes and protects Catholic education.
    • To enhance collaboration among the partners in the English Catholic educational community.
    • To maintain effective liaison with our francophone partners in Catholic education as together we strive to maintain, foster and develop the special characteristics of Catholic education.
    • To keep alive the historical contribution to Catholic education of religious communities of both men and women.
    • To participate, when requested and with the agreement of all the partners, in discussions with the other churches or religious groups in Ontario regarding their views and positions on religious education.
    • To arrange periodic gatherings of representatives from every sector of the Catholic education community for the purpose of exploring together contemporary issues in Catholic education.


    • To coordinate the work of Catholic associations and organizations in writing Catholic curriculum within the parameters established by the Ministry of Education.
    • To develop material in Religious Education and related areas under the guidance and in the name of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario (Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops).
    • To develop foundational documents in Catholic educational practice.


    • To outline programs for pre-service and in-service education of Catholic teachers and promote them with the Ontario faculties of education, College of Teachers and Ministry of Education.
    • To work with all organizations which provide professional development opportunities for persons in leadership positions or aspiring to leadership positions in the Ontario Catholic education system.


    • To share with all members the results of research carried out by member associations to which access is available.
    • To consider research proposals related to Catholic education at the ICE table and vote on them with regard to implementation and funding.


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