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In February, 2015, the Ontario Ministry of Education released revisions to the Health & Physical Education (HPE) Curriculum, which will be taught in classrooms across Ontario, beginning in September, 2015.

The revised HPE curriculum, last updated in 1998, contains new material related to a number of issues, including mental health, online safety and the risks of sexting, respect for self and consent within healthy relationships, and respect for diversity.

This booklet and the accompanying resources will explain how the expectations of the revised HPE curriculum will be delivered as part of the family life curriculum offered in Catholic schools.


The Role of ICE

Established by the Ontario Bishops in 1986, the Institute for Catholic Education (ICE) brings together 7 partners in the English Catholic educational community that work together and share responsibility for Catholic education in Ontario.

ICE coordinates the work of Catholic associations and organizations in writing Catholic curriculum within the guidelines established by the Ministry of Education.

The Bishops of Ontario have asked ICE to oversee the development of resources to implement the revised HPE curriculum as part of the Family Life program in Catholic schools.

Visit the Health & Physical Education Resources page for a full list of parent resources.