A Pastoral Letter for Catholic Education

Renewing the Promise

A Pastoral Letter for Catholic Education

With the release of Renewing the Promise (2018), a pastoral letter in the tradition This Moment of Promise (1988) and Fulfilling the Promise (1993) the Bishops have provided us with a very positive and affirming message. 

The letter uses the scriptural account of the Road to Emmaus as the basis for their reflection on the mission and vision of Catholic education, celebrating that a true encounter with Jesus can and does take place, each and every day within our Catholic schools. The Bishops encourage all who share responsibility for Catholic education to continue to nurture and strengthen Catholic schools as communities that exemplify, in word and in deed, the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Renewing the Promise Additional Documents

Supplemental Resources

Discussion Guide for the Pastoral Letter

This discussion guide provides suggestions for facilitating reflection and discussion about the Pastoral Letter and is intended for school boards, schools, partner associations, dioceses, parishes and other faith communities.

Support for Dioceses – Suggestions for Discussion

Included are opportunities and methods to assist bishops and Diocesan teams in developing their own pastoral strategies for the appropriation of the letter as well as potential frameworks for developing a response to the invitation inherent in this pastoral letter.

A Personal Reflection

You are encouraged to read the Pastoral Letter, Renewing the Promise, and to spend time reflecting on how it speaks to you directly, given your personal experience and perspective, and its meaning for you within your role.